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Whether it's contracts, formation documents, or employment policies, Kane Legal Services, Ltd builds a solid legal foundation for your business so you can meet your dreams.

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About Business Law

At Kane Legal Services, Ltd, we furnish our clients with clear, concise, and honest solutions to all your business’s legal needs. 

Business law can be strange and confusing, and seemingly insignificant phrases can have serious consequences. 

Let us focus on the paperwork so you can focus on running your business.

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Business Law Needs

Don’t spend your valuable time puzzling through legal issues and creating future risks for your business.
We’ll take care of it.


Put your best foot forward.

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or starting your latest venture, we can do the paperwork so you can focus on getting things going. We create a solid foundation for your business, so you can focus on running it with confidence. Consulting an attorney from the outset helps you avoid making early missteps that can trip you up as your business grows. 


Keep your company on the right track.

Ensuring your company has clearly defined its relationships with its investors, partners, advisors and its board is vital. A company should have established, clear corporate governance documents, no matter its size. When you need assistance with the governance or operations, it helps to have invested in a relationship with attorneys who understand your business, how it runs, and how you want it to continue to grow.


Know what the terms mean.

When your business enters into contracts, you should know both parties’ obligations and the potential consequences. Instead of haphazardly grabbing a random form contract off of the internet, talk to us! We will work to ensure that your contracts are tailored to your business and that you enter them with your eyes wide open.


Don't navigate the regulatory labyrinth alone.

The legal and regulatory obligations of your business are complex and constantly evolving. Rather than trying to figure it out yourself, allow us to take those worries off your shoulders so you can focus on running your company. We prosecuted class action lawsuits before starting this firm, so we can apply a Plaintiff Lawyer’s perspective when auditing your business practices.

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